Monday, February 7, 2011

Oracle 9i vs 10g

Oracle 9i vs 10g

Beginners and intermediate DBAs

Scope of Article
Introduce new feature of Oracle Database 10g over 9i.

Oracle 10g is major re-write of the Oracle kernel from Oracle 9i. Oracle 10g has many features over 9i.

Here I am listing major difference between 9i and 10g.

- Oracle Grid Computing
- Major changes to SQL optimizer internals
- Data Pump replace import/export utility with impdp/expdp
- Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor
- SQL tuning Adviser
- Automated Session History (ASH) materializes the Oracle Wait Interface over time
- Introduced RECYCLEBIN command for storing objects before they are dropped
- RMAN introduces compression for backups
- Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces
- Automated invoking of dbms_stats for CBO statistics collection
- Completely reworked 10g Enterprise Manager (OEM)
- Increased the no of v$ view for database health check.

Here you can find full featured article of New Feature of Oracle 10g
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