Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Oracle Database Installation 18c, On-Premise

Oracle Database Installation 18c, On-Premise

Finally wait is over. Oracle has launched Oracle Database 18c, On-Premise.

Oracle has simplified database Installation task. It is now easy to install binaries in few steps and ready to create database.

The beauty of this release; It's simple, Unzip the download, Re-link binaries and Ready to Go...

You have three options to install database; Starting with Oracle Database 18c release.
1) Image-based Oracle Database Installation
2) RPM-Based Oracle Database Installation
3) Read-Only Oracle Home

According to me, these are very much simplest method to install database till now,
Let's understand how these different options help us,

1) Image-based Oracle Database Installation (new in Oracle 18c, on-premise)
Image-based Installation enables you to download zip file and extract the image software into your Oracle Home directory and run Installer script to start database installation.
Unzip the download and Re-link binaries...that's it.

2) RPM-Based Oracle Database Installation
Here, using RPM-based Database Installation (RDI), use rpm -ivh command to install database installation, which performs pre-validations, extract packages assigns ownership, oracle inventory, users and groups, and executes all other scripts and root operations to complete database software installation.

3) Read-Only Oracle Home (new in Oracle 18c, on-premise)
In this option, you are privileged to make your Oracle Home in read-only mode. Database tools and processes writes under ORACLE_BASE path rather ORACLE_HOME directory.
This helps to do version control and patching oracle home. Oracle has include built-in tool, called "rhpctl", that enables you to switch from the current Oracle Database home to a patched Oracle Database home.

Check out Database Installation steps here,
I am using Image-based Oracle Database Installation

Download Oracle Dabase 18c from this link.

Unzip the installer.
$ unzip -d LINUX.X64_180000_db_home.zip /u01/DB18c

Till this point your database binaries are installed. Now you can use dbca to configure database.
Below screenshots helps you to create and configure single instance database.

Here, we are done. Our database is installed and ready to use.

Thanks & Regards,
Chandan Tanwani
Oracle Performance Tuning Certified Expert

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